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My Bio - Jeannie Couch

Jeannie Couch has been a published outdoor photographer for over forty years. Her images have appeared in Country Living Magazine, and publications of the National Audubon Society, Klutz Press, Key Porter Books, and the Houghton Mifflin Company, to name a few. Jeannie’s early years on a farm in Appalachia bred a love and appreciation of nature. Her original desire to bring home pictures to share with her family has evolved into a lifelong quest to capture creation’s art with her camera. In her work she attempts to capture the subjects’ impact on our emotions, thoughts and moods. From wetland to desert to prairie to alpine country, her desire is to share her personal exploration of the outdoor world in all its elements.

Currently she has developed an amazing ability to transform your pictures into works of art by turning them into digital paintings. This is done on her computer but it is done, one brush stroke at a time! She is a master when it comes to restoring old photographs as well. In both techniques, she customizes them into a finished image better than the original. You can see her work in the galleries Digital People, Digital Pets and Digital Places and Photo Restorations

Her recent projects are photographing the wildflowers of Virginia for the Flora of Virginia Project and she occasionally photographs commercially for TruGreen and Valley Crest Companies. She has been a Master Gardener with Prince William County since 2003 where she demonstrates gardening techniques, leads wildflower identification classes and teaches field Botany to the newest master gardeners each year. She occasionally leads local photographic trips, teaches private photography classes and lectures at local venues.

To learn more of Jeannie's early life in the Appalachians click here.

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Customer Testimonies

• Jeannie Couch has an amazing ability to capture emotions in her images. She is a true professional. I would highly recommend her.

Sylvia R. February 2015

• Jeannie restored a heavily damaged 65 year old photograph. The photo was of my wife, her father and mother. She did a fantastic job providing missing detail in my wife’s fathers uniform. The work was done quickly and professionally.
David K. February 2015

• Jeannie restored a photo of my grandparents’ 50th anniversary celebration. Her work was so extraordinary that she accomplished restoring the life, even the mischief in the personalities of both by grandmother and grandfather. Looking at the restored photo brings a big smile to my face every time I see it.

She also did a digital painting of my son and his two sons along with their puppy. Her work was beautiful and captures the gentle playfulness in my family’s delightful afternoon in the leaf pile. Jeannie is truly an outstanding professional who values a strong and pleasant work ethic.
Sue B March 2015

• Jeannie is very careful and knowledgeable about light and has a great personality. She know her landscaping and flowers which aids in her outdoor portraits or architectural photo shoots. I cannot say enough about her color pallet for people outdoors or in. Experienced? Yes, she is a PRO!
Richard W. April 2015

• Jeannie has been a photographer and artist for many years and through it all she has maintained a willingness to adapt to evolving technologies and demonstrates a quick mastery of the same.

Joseph Z. December 2013

• I can't adequately express the gratitude I feel for your affirmation, encouragement, knowledge, and patience. I learned much more in one day than I ever thought I could.
Dawn D. May 2014

• Jeannie captures the essence of light and life in every work. We are the proud owners of Jeannie’s art work including a rendering of our dachshund “Gretel” and a formal portrait of my wife Patricia. I have seen Jeannie’s other work including aerial photography, panoramas, and amazing and pristine color photographs of aircraft in flight, including the space shuttle being ferried on a Boeing 747. Jeannie has the creativity, imagination, skill and experience to capture the essence of the subject. You will be thrill to own Jeannie’s work. Frank M. January 2015

• I have had the privilege of viewing Jeannie Couch’s photography in magazines, a gallery and personally. Jeannie did a photo shoot of me at the beach. I took her professional advice on which photo to choose as an anniversary gift for my husband and he loved the picture! Jeannie also took photos of my daughter’s wedding and caught the most amazing picture of the bride and groom with a rainbow in the background! On another occasion she did a digital painting of my twins at a pond and it turned out beautifully. Jeannie has a terrific eye and knows her stuff. She is pleasant to work with and I would definitely recommend her!

• Judy N. February 2015