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Photo Restoration - Restoring the Impossible

Price ranges from $150 - $350 or more depending. Contact me to discuss.

1950's Bride and Groom

She kissed the picture!

No one in the Washington DC area would even consider restoring this image.

I not only restored it, when the bride, now in her 70's kissed the picture of her groom...

I knew I got his lips right!

Family Reunion circa 1890's

Faces were replaced!

Replacing faces would normally necessitate having other pictures of the missing person available but there were none, nor is there anyone living who would know what they looked like.

The owner wanted a complete restoration so she agreed to let me "borrow"an eye from here and an ear from there to fill in the missing faces and utilizing my fine art skills I re-created new faces to replace the missing ones.

All restored photographs are printed on Giclee Hahnemuele paper. It is acid free, light-fast, and extremely resistant to aging (100 years)

The finish print can also be copied onto a thumb drive or archival CD for safe keeping.

If you need an old photograph restored contact me to get the process started.